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Friday, March 23, 2007


SXSW MMVII (that’s 2007 for you non-Romans)

We survived another one. The exhilaration and disgust; the obsequious glad-handing; the naked pandering; the guileless tomfoolery; the grisly bathrooms; writers with onion breath from the freebie fajitas close-talking me about how great the new blah blah record is; the 2 am cadaver shuffle of 20 somethings on their first expense accounts, hands full of pizza slices and cell phones. Oh, there was some music in there too, somewhere.

We want to thank everyone who came out to the shows and party. How about them new bands we have? Them Gore Gore Girls popped some eyes with their afternoon leather outfits and kicked out the jams, and the Amsterband had all the girls swooning with their amazing harmonies and scruffy-but-still-ok-to- take-home-to-mom demeanor. We also think it was one of the best Waco sets ever. How about them new songs by Deadstring Brothers? JeeZUS, that’s as close to Ike and Tina as white folks can get. Mark Pickerel (get cracking on that new stuff—its sounds great) and Jon Rauhouse and the Silos all nailed their sets. Graham Parker got all the pointy-headed writers whipping out their notepads and Danbert Nobacon made the first appearance on the Yard Dog stage as someone dressed as a priest. And thanks as always to Carolyn Mark for starting the festivities and cracking the fifth of Cuervo with Rob at noon.

One problem, though. In the 12 years we’ve been doing the party this is the first time, I believe, that people consumed LESS beer than the year before. Consider this a warning. Don’t make me turn this car around.

We also want to super-duper thank all the folks who contributed so generously to the Kirk Rundstrom fund at the merch table. Split Lip put on some truly memorable shows in that space and it was gratifying to see how many folks took time to remember.

As for the showcase, we apologize for the more than usual amount of Waco nudity. That’s just not right.

Favorite quotations of the weekend:

Overheard on 6th street: “His voice is just so powerful, like a mix of Jeff Buckley and Pete Yorn.”

From Scott H. Biram’s dad, yelled in my ear during his showcase: “He scared us so bad, we didn’t have another kid.”

Favorite moments that actually had nothing to do with business, just joy of music: Seeing New York’s A-Bones and Sam the Sham (sure, there were no Pharaohs in the room, and the cheese factor was pretty high, but, baby, an extended version of “Wooly Bully” is pure rock and roll heaven).


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