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Monday, April 23, 2007

Tied And True In Stores Tomorrow--Preorder Now For A Free Poster!

The Detroit Cobras' Tied and True hits stores tomorrow but you can preorder it NOW from Bloodshot Records and get a FREE TIED AND TRUE POSTER!

To preorder and download an advance mp3 of "As Long As I Have You" from Bloodshot go here:

Preorders for Tied and True end at 5pm CST TODAY, so go there now to get the CD and poster!

Here's some advance press for Tied and True

"This instantly became one of my favorite albums of the year...A knockout." USA Today

"On Tied and True the Cobras stake a claim as the most intuitive and soulful garage band on the planet." Brian Baker Amplifier

"Sure, it's red-blooded and raw, but it;s also as beautiful as it is brassy. In other words, bad girls make good." Tim Mohr Playboy

"...bold stylists of unimpeachable prowess, the Cobras inhabit the material, systematically erasing the line between homage and interpretation." Fred Mills Harp

"By stripping their music of pretensions and instead heaping on enough attitude to make Gene Vincent proud, the Cobras do the unthinkable: make rock ’n’ roll simple, fun and irresponsible. And in the 21st century, that’s damn hard to do without seeming horribly self-conscious." Bruce Miller Magnet


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